Environmental, Health, Safety
and Social Responsibility

Ascent operates a Management System that embodies Environmental, Health, Safety (‘EHS’) and Social Responsibility (‘SR’) principles. This system defines objectives to be met by Ascent, its subsidiaries, affiliates, associates and operated joint ventures (hereinafter collectively referred to as Ascent) in the management of EHS and SR.

The policy of the Board of Ascent is to be fully accountable for the necessary practices, procedures and means being in place so as to ensure that each EHS and SR objective is demonstrated in full and that continuous improvement practices are operating to ensure that the required practices, procedures and means are being monitored, refined and optimised as necessary.  The Board will accordingly review and report regularly to external stakeholders as to the achievement of the objectives of this policy.

In accordance with this policy, the Executive Directors of Ascent are directly and collectively responsible to the Board for demonstrating that the EHS and SR objectives are attained throughout Ascent.  The Executive Directors have adopted Management System Guidelines as guidance for demonstrating this.

The objectives of the Environment, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility Policy are:

  • Ascent shall manage all operations in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, third parties and the community.
  • The Executive Director provides the vision, establish the framework, set the objectives and provide the resources for responsible management of Ascent’s operations.
  • Leadership and visible commitment to continuous improvement are critical elements of successful operations.
  • A process that measures performance relative to policy aims and objectives is essential to improving performance. Sharing best practices and learning from each other promotes improvement.
  • Effective business controls ensure the prevention, control and mitigation of threats and hazards to business stewardship.
  • Risk identification, assessment and prioritisation can reduce risk and mitigate hazards to employees, third parties, the community and the environment. Management of risk is a continuous process.
  • Safe, environmentally sound operations rely on well-trained, motivated people. Careful selection, placement, training, development and assessment of employees and clear communication and understanding of responsibilities are critical to achieving operating excellence.
  • The use of internationally recognised standards, procedures and specifications for design, construction, commissioning, modifications and decommissioning activities are essential for achieving operating excellence.
  • Operations within recognised and prudent parameters are essential to achieving clear operating excellence. This requires operating, inspection and maintenance procedures and information on the processes, facilities and materials handled, together with systems to ensure that such procedures have been properly communicated and understood.
  • Adhering to established safe work practices, evaluating and managing change and providing up-to-date procedures to manage safety and health risks contribute to a safe workplace for employees and third parties.
  • The minimisation of environmental risks and liabilities are integral parts of Ascent’s operations.
  • Third parties who provide materials and services (personnel and equipment) or operate facilities on Ascent’s behalf have an impact on EHS and SR excellence. It is essential that third-party services are provided in a manner consistent with Ascent’s EHS and SR Policy and Management System Guidelines.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and company guidelines must be periodically measured and verified as part of the continuous improvement process.
  • Preparedness and planning for emergencies are essential to ensuring that all necessary actions are taken if an incident occurs, to protect employees, third parties, the public, the environment, the assets and brand of Ascent.
  • Effective reporting, incident investigation, communication and lessons learned are essential to attaining and improving performance.
  • Open and honest communication with the communities, authorities and stakeholders with which Ascent operates builds confidence and trust in the integrity of Ascent.

The Group is the Operator of one project which is closely managed for maintaining the EHS and SR policy aims.

There have been no breaches of any applicable Acts recorded against the Group.