Ascent Resources plc | About us
Welcome to Ascent Resources plc (LSE:AST), an independent oil and gas exploration company operating the Petišovci project in Slovenia.
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Independent Oil & Gas Exploration

Ascent Resources plc is an independent oil and gas exploration and production (‘E&P’) company, headquartered in London and listed on AIM. It operates the Petišovci tight gas project in Slovenia.

We firmly believe that the gas field at Petišovci in Slovenia is an outstanding prospect and are therefore currently focusing all our resources on this project until the asset has been brought into production.

In the longer term, Ascent plans to continue its exploration and business development programme and to take advantage of the significant possible reserves and contingent resources in the region it operates in.

Ascent operates through local entities and joint ventures which are able to access the best local technical knowledge to help us develop the assets effectively and efficiently.

We utilise a full range of advanced geophysical, geological and other state-of-the-art technology to evaluate and de-risk projects so as to reap maximum benefit from our operational activities.

Ascent has a small experienced management team, which calls on regional and international technical and operational expertise to ensure the highest standards are met and delivered on its projects.

Dependency on imported gas is very high throughout the EU, particularly in Slovenia. This and the relatively buoyant price of gas in Europe, underpins Ascent’s strategy of exploration, development and production in this region.

Our Slovenian operations are close to existing processing facilities, intra-field and national pipelines. This ensures low-cost connection and easy access to the market.

As an important employer in the area Ascent strives to ensure the health and safety of its employees at all times. The Company takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously and does its utmost to be a good corporate citizen.